Welcome to Blackmoor.

This is a map of the Realm of Blackmoor.


Blackmoor is possibly the most remote realm in all the Flanaess, situated between the western shores of the Icy Sea and the eastern edge of the Burneal Forest. The land of Blackmoor also includes the northern fringe of the Cold Marshes, and fully encompasses the Gloomfens, as the locals call the northern arm of the marshes. The northern border is vague, but few settlements
lie within sight of the ominous Land of Black Ice.

Though the Bloodstone Wars that recently ravaged the rest of the civilized world never reached Blackmoor, it has felt after effects from those conflicts. Its modest trade with the lands to the south has been nearly abolished; a few straggling refugees from those same lands have been reluctantly accommodated by the suspicious natives; and a power that had avoided the kingdom has finally found its malicious attention drawn to the north.

The year is 595 Common Year. (CY)


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