Bargle is an outlaw wizard. He recently got on the wrong side of the law in Blackmoor by murdering a high ranking female cleric named Aleena. Aleena was seeking the location of a magical orb thought to hold the secret to heal Prince Richard Blackmoor. While exploring the ruins, she encountered Bargle. The wizard killed her, and had a small unit of Kobold soldiers deliever her body to Castle Blackmoor.

Bargle is thought to be one of the unifying persons behind the growing activities of evil humanoid races on the Borderlands of Blackmoor. Although there is no proof that he is in the service of the Witch-King, it is thought that there is some connection.

Bargle has a bounty on his head for 1000 gold. He is wanted dead or alive for the murder of Aleena. He was last seen in the Cairn Hills, not far from Portown. He is thought to be leading a small army of Kobolds in the area.

Bargle has escaped death many times using look-alikes, decoys, and dopplegangers.


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