At levels 1-4 players may choose to pick a Career Path for their character to specialize. Since the playing characters are currently enjoying the rather secure housing provided by Castle Blackmoor, they have decent access to training, mentors, and places of study.

When a playing character specializes, it requires some dice rolls which will be adjudicated by the Dungeon Master along with the Player in question. The dice rolls determine the time and relative success in training.


Weapon Master: Your character spends his time mastery his fighting tools. He seekes a Master and learns to better use his combat tools. This allows for special abilities in combat, as well as some fighting styles.

Animal Master: Your character devotes himself to the care and training of specific animals. This allows you to learn how to use the animal within combat.

Alchemist: This allows the study and creation of potions, poisons, and alechemical brews while gaining an income.

Armorer/Blacksmith: Your character learns to repair and forge armor or weapons while gaining an income.

Miner: This allows the character to learn skils while working to earn an income. It also allows your character the knowledge of underground places which may help in navigating dungeons during adventures.

Survivalist: Your character studies and learns of the wilderness, learning skills needed to survive and live in the environs of Blackmoor and beyond.

Mercenary Soldier: Your character spends his time working with the Free Companies of Blackmoor. This allows for military skills to be learned while making useful contacts and gaining an income.

Engineer: Your character learns to study, tinker, and use clockwork machinery. Blackmoor is well known for its steam and clockwork technology throughout the Realm.


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