A Short Summary

The playing characters are being refered to as The Fellowship, referring to their alliance to promote a greater good in the kingdom of Blackmoor.

The Fellowship are all residents of the Eight Kingdoms summoned to Castle Blackmoor by the current steward of Blackmoor, Archbaron Bestmo. With the throne empty due to King Henry’s involvement in the Bloodstone Wars and Prince Richard’s wounded status. Because The Fellowship have proven themselves to be heroes by returning the wounded Prince to Blackmoor, they have been given quarters within Castle Blackmoor. The are able to enjoy the relative safety of a fortified castle.

Lord Faedrun has recently departed Alfheim and is staying in Castle Blackmoor. He is staying in contact with The Fellowship (especially the Elves of the party) and has made it known that he does not trust the judgement of Archbaron Bestmo.

The Fellowship also returned The Iron Box from the Tomb of Xagyg. Although this is not common knowledge, they are privy (due to their involement) to the fact that it contained an ancient artifact which can be used to employ healing spells. This artifact is apparently a short magical rod made of some kind of silver metal.

Recently, the Castle’s highest ranking cleric, Aleena, set out on a quest to the Cairn Hills. She was unsuccessful in her mission and was murdered by an outlaw wizard named Bargle. Bargle had a small warband of Kobolds return Aleena’s body to Castle Blackmoor. Whether this was a matter of respect or insult, it is not known. What has come of the situation is a 1000 gold coin warrant has been issued for Bargle. He is wanted Dead or Alive. Preferrably Dead.

The Fellowship recently was sent to the Cairn Hills to complete Aleena’s mission. They were asked to seek out a ruined tower built by a wizard named Zenopus. They entered the tower, and recovered a magical device called The Orb of Damara. Apparently this device can be used to scry out of the location of lost and hidden locations.

The Fellowship knows that Lord Faedrun plans to use the Orb of Damara to find The Passage of Slerotin, a fabled gateway guarded by a nameless evil which leads to an extensive dungeon known as the Caves of Chaos. Within these cave networks, it is believed that a lost artifact may be found which will be able to heal the shattered mind and spirit of Prince Richard. However, it is well known that many adventurers have entered the Passage of Slerotin never to be seen again.

In the mean time, the borders of Blackmoor are ripe with warfare. Well organized warbands of Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and other evil races are joining forces to raid outlying villages and threaten the kingdom of Blackmoor.

And within, the Kingdom is brewing with chaos as the other Seven Lords conspire to take the vacant throne from the Blackmoor family. Only Lord Faedrun remains loyal to the King. This means that Alfheim itself is in danger because of the brooding eyes of the Seven Lords.

The Fellowship must choose their sides wisely, and consider if they will undertake this mission to journey to the Passage of Slerotin, and the dark depths of the Caves of Chaos. Will they aid Lord Faedrun in aiding the Blackmoor family, or will they side with one of the other powerful Lords, seeking opportunity within treason? The choice is theirs.



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