The Tower of Damara

About a month has passed since the Fellowship returned to Blackmoor from the Tomb of Xagyg. They have settled into their assigned chambers within Castle Blackmoor. Some have been relaxing and enjoying the relative safety of their new base of operations. Others have busied themselves by seeking employment, volunteering with the Free Companies, or mastering their trade. But today is different. Word has been sent that Lord Faedorn of Alfheim wishes to send some of you on a quest to the Cairn Hills. You are to seek out the ruined Tower of Damara where you should seek an entrance that will lead you to the passages below. There you will seek out an Orb, once used by the Witch Damara to scry out hidden and lost places. Upon finding it, you must return it with all haste to Castle Blackmoor and give it to Lord Faedrun.

Learn what happened!



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